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The purpose of this website is to show the diversity of Indian cinema. Not only in terms of genres and styles of film making, but also the language. Although my main area of interest is Hindi cinema (as I am most familiar with it), I also take numerous trips into the world of  regional cinematographies  – as long as I can get DVDs subtitled in English;).

There are plenty of English language resources on the subject, as well as many dedicated bloggers covering the matter. Not so many can be found in Polish, thus I stuck with my mother tongue. However if you have any questions – I understand that the idea of Polish national passionate about Indian cinema may seem a little extravagant – feel free to contact me to ask them. You can also read some of my text,s not only about Indian cinema, on Asian Movie Pulse website.



And who am I?

I got my master degree in cross-cultural psychology. I have worked as an editor and a freelance journalist. Apart from being matinee afficionado, I am also a bookworm (and also authored or co-authored a few non-fiction books for young readers), amateur photographer and a traveller. Currently I work for one of the oldest publishing houses in Poland. And whenever I have the opportunity, I try to promote a gentelman game of cricket in Poland.


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